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Chocolate Fig Protein Smoothie

Chocolate Fig Protein Smoothie |

Follow my blog with Bloglovin | Follow me on Instagram Fresh Figs are back in season and this Chocolate Fig Protein Smoothie is delicious.  I love the sweetness of the fig and banana with the chocolate flavor from the protein powder.  Adding Almond butter is the perfect healthy fat to balance out the deliciousness and […]

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Spicy Watermelon Margarita

Spicy Watermelon Margarita Recipe |

Follow my blog with Bloglovin | Follow me on Instagram This Spicy Watermelon Margarita comes with the sweet freshness of watermelon flavor with a hot spicy kick. I can’t get enough of the summer ripened watermelon and my garden is bursting at the seams with peppers.  Once again, I planted way too many pepper plants […]

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Plum Pop Cocktail

Plum Pop Cocktail Recipe |

Follow my blog with Bloglovin A Plum Pop Cocktail is a sweet tart cocktail, that sings of summer. Plums are one of those fruits that are a bit confusing to me. I always love the color, that dark purple with light flecks is satisfying, but are they sweet or are they tart?  I think it […]

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Nectarine Vodka Chiller

Nectarine Vodka Chiller Recipe | ahealthylifeformecom

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Nectarine Vodka Chiller cocktail is sweet and fresh and oh so delicious. I had the fortune of getting a small bushel of white nectarines.  A nectarine is basically a bald peach and peaches and nectarines can be interchanged in recipes.  However, nectarines tend to be firmer, sweeter and more aromatic than peaches. […]

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Green Goddess Cocktail

Green Goddess Cocktail |

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This little Green Goddess Cocktail is an energizing cocktail. My husband loves celery, I am not sure if it is the flavor or the crunch he likes.  Celery contains high calcium and due to this it is commonly used to calm the nerves so maybe that is why while I […]

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Strawberry Watermelon Gin Fizz

Strawberry Watermelon Gin Fizz  |

Follow my blog with Bloglovin A Strawberry Watermelon Gin Fizz is the perfect sweet, refreshing cocktail to enjoy on a warm summer evening. This year with the long cold winter my strawberries plants which are called “june bearers” actually were still producing a few berries on June 1st, though I harvested most of my crop […]

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