Shaved Artichoke Salad

Shaved Artichoke Salad

 Several years ago my husband and I were in New York, and met a friend at a small Italian Restaurant for lunch in Chelsea.  The waiter had a thick Italian accent and recommended their Artichoke salad.  We all ordered it and I enjoyed it so much, I asked about the recipe.  Our waiter looked at […]

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Beet Goat Cheese Mandarin Salad

Beet Goat Cheese Mandarin Salad Recipe Valentine

 I do love beets, and my husband does not.  I try and try to get him to eat beets, they are just so good for you.  I figured if I made him this beet salad with the adorable heart shaped beet he couldn’t resist.   This Beet and Goat Cheese Mandarin salad is perfect to […]

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Kale Brussels Sprout Broccoli Salad

Kale Brussels Sprout Broccoli Salad Superfood Cruciferous Vegetable

Don’t judge a salad by its name, that is if you say “I don’t like those kind of veggies”.  I have never been a fan, but because I know the amazing benefits these vegetables offer to my health, I have been on a mission to make them in delicious recipes.  This Kale Brussels Sprout Broccoli salad is […]

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Chicken Chickpea Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Chicken and Chickpea Salad 4

 If you want a light a refreshing and filling salad this is the one for you.  Even the guys liked this one.  I think the key for guys liking salad is that it must contain protein, protein, protein. I hear a Tim the Tool Man grunt here. With the chicken and chick pea the guys […]

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Brussels Sprouts and Apple Salad with Blue Cheese

Brussels Sprouts & Apple Salad healthy super foods vegetarian Thanksgiving

 I came up with this recipe, not because of Brussels Sprouts but because of apples.  Yes, I have over purchased the fall apples.  I love the things, so I have been working hard to use them up before the over-ripen.  I have been noticing tons of Burssels Sprouts or Kale salads with apples, so came […]

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Quinoa with Mustard Greens

Quinoa with steamed mustard greens Healthy Superfood

 When I have a protein, fish or chicken or beef I want a satisfying side dish.  I have been cooking up quinoa more and more, passing on rice and pasta.  The reason why Quinoa is up there with meat and dairy products when it comes to source of protein, but its a plant-based protein so it […]

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