Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’

I have this little beauty growing along the fence in my vegetable garden.  It always surprises me in the spring with how beautiful it is!

This plant is definitely one worth having! It is so unusual passersby who visit almost always do a second-take. The leaves are almost iridescent – they seem to shimmer with the rainbow of subtle colors. The yellow-green colored flowers absolutely makes for a stunning combination.

Plant ‘Blackbird’ in a spot where it’ll get sun for at least half the day.  If it’s too shady, the leaves will turn dark green rather than deep purple.   ‘Blackbird’ is an evergreen perennial with a compact, bushy growth habit.  It grows to about 18-22″ tall and 22-24″ wide.

It looks good in perennial borders and is especially striking in containers.

When the flowers fade, cut the stem at the base to make new shoots, but avoid contact with the sap, which causes skin irritation.  Also beware if digested, plant is poisonous.

I like to dry them to add to flower arrangements in the fall.

Divide plants in early spring, or take cuttings in spring or early summer.

Bonus: It is deer and rabbit resistant.

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  1. says

    very cool, I want some! do you think they’d survive in desert weather, though, or is it too hot? I also have indoor/outdoor cats and thinking it might be risky as they often eat plants outside…

    • says

      It would depend on what grow zone you are in, it’s hardiness zones are 6-9. I would think it would struggle in the hot temperatures. It does need some shade to really bloom at its best. Even though it is so beautiful, I wouldn’t risk your babies for it. Mine is in a fenced in garden to keep my fur balls safe.

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