Seed Starting

Seed Starting

Seed Starting time……

One of the highlights of the winter season is starting my seeds.

The catalogs come, I order, and I make a run to Home Depot for my cells and mix and wait patiently for the date to get started.  Some of my favorite seed catalogs are Johnny’s, Harris, Seeds of Change, and Burpee.

I usually only start seeds of plants I can not readily find available here at my local nursery or if the price will be too high.  Heirloom tomatoes, unusual cucumbers, eggplant, melons, and flowers.  I start most of my own herbs and salad greens too (they are easy, easy, easy to start outside).

When you decide to get started look at the back of your seed packages for germination time, this is the time it will take for the seeds to pop their little heads through the soil, try to plant all seeds in the same start cell that have same germination time.  Why?  you’ll see.

I like to lay out my seeds in rows of who will be planted together.

How to Start Seeds indoors

This year I decided to use a new product (at least to me) to start my seeds in, and I LOVE IT!   Burpee Seed Starting Self Watering system.

This magical little package makes everything a breeze!  The directions on the back are super simple to follow and everything you need is inside even the soil.  In each cell there is a little soil pellet that you add water.  The pellet then swells up to make a perfect little bed for your seeds.  Now if use this make sure that each pellet is laying flat and not sideways.  I didn’t and added the water to find the pellets growing sideways, not good.

How to Start Seeds indoorsHow to Start Seeds Indoors

Push down the soil and make it level for the seeds.  Place at least two seeds in each cell, this increases your odds of getting a plant in each cell.

Starting Seeds Seed Supplies

Read the back of each packed to find out how deep your seeds should be planted and push each seed down to that depth.  Gently cover over hole by pushing the soil on top around.  Make sure that you keep track of what seeds are planted where.  This pack comes with a sheet for you to fill out with corresponding cells.  Use a pencil, the sheet most likely will get water splatter and ink runs.


Your done, cover with lid and keep your eyes open for a little green sprout to pop its way up, and hopefully a few more!  Your on your way to feeding your family!!  ENJOY!

Seed Supplies

The reason you want to plant seeds with corresponding germination time, is because once your seeds start to pop up you want to take of dome so that the plants can breath and stay healthy.  Continue to water from the bottom.  DON’T LET THEM DRY OUT, they are very fragile until they get a good size root system going.

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