Booty From The Robbery


Not that kind of Booty, GEEZ, get your mind out of the gutter! After our successful robbery.  I had to process the treasure. I was pretty excited with my bucket of golden goodness, and may not have thought the whole process of extracting the honey from the cleanliness prospective.  Let me just say right here […]

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There Was A Robbery In My Backyard

Honey from Hive

SHHHH, It was me! Yep Liz and I robbed the hive.  Not a full-out robbery just a small we’re going to borrow this and not give it back kind of robbery.  ??  Does that even make sense? Liz was the ring leader and texted me to meet her at two o’clock, she wrote “wear gloves, […]

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My First Bee Swarm!


On Friday morning when I was writing my post “Why I have Bees” I thought I should add a photo of the Blackberry flowers because the bees help in their pollination.  So, I grabbed the camera, put on my down coat and headed out to the orchard.  It was a beautiful sunny morning, but chilly […]

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My first jar of honey


Liz stopped by to do a check up on the hives.  It had been one week since she installed her three hives and she wanted to make sure all was well. She has been receiving call after call over the last week about bee swarms.  She routinely goes out and captures swarms and then places […]

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Black Locust Tree


I am not in any way shape or form a morning person.  You can ask the people I live with, I don’t like to get up and I can be a bit grumpy in the morning, or so they say!  Anyway since I ended up with all those darn roosters, I have to keep Foghorn […]

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What a Beautiful Day Today!


Today was a busy day around here! Yesterday it started raining around 10:00 a.m and it didn’t stop until around 6:00. So nothing got done after we set up the bee hives. Today was sunny and beautiful outside with the temperature reaching 82 degrees.  So with all the rain and today’s heat, weeds decided to […]

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