Garden Year in Review

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A look back at my garden from 2013 so I can look forward to 2014. Yesterday my first seed catalog arrived in the mail.  I am one of those strange people that find this quite exciting.  I wait until all my favorite seed catalogs arrive, Johnny’s, Harris, Jung, Gurney’s.  I sit down with my post […]

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How To Attract Honey Bees To Your Vegetable Garden

Thumbnail image for How To Attract Honey Bees To Your Vegetable Garden Bees on Aster in Fall

  This week my friend Liz who is a beekeeper by profession spoke to the local garden club about beekeeping and how important gardeners are to the bees. Liz’s belief is that there are not enough local wild flowers for the bees in the more manicured neighborhoods and the bees suffer there more than the […]

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October Garden To Do List

October Garden to do list |

October is a busy month in the garden.  Its the close of the gardening season and the more work I do now, hopefully, will eliminate some work for me in the hustle and bustle of spring.  I have a check list that is always expanding and changing, which is one reason I love gardening so […]

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200th Post and A Sunshine Award!


I received a new award from Emma at Miss Apis Mellifera.  I would like to formally thank Emma for nominating my little ol’ blog for this award.  If you have time stop over and visit Emma at her blog Miss Apis Mellifera.  She is located in London and loves her bees and has a wicked sense […]

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My First Bee Swarm!


On Friday morning when I was writing my post “Why I have Bees” I thought I should add a photo of the Blackberry flowers because the bees help in their pollination.  So, I grabbed the camera, put on my down coat and headed out to the orchard.  It was a beautiful sunny morning, but chilly […]

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My first jar of honey


Liz stopped by to do a check up on the hives.  It had been one week since she installed her three hives and she wanted to make sure all was well. She has been receiving call after call over the last week about bee swarms.  She routinely goes out and captures swarms and then places […]

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