Chickens “True Life I’m a Backyard Chicken”

Chickens Love Bath Time….


Chickens love to give themselves dust baths. They’ll flop onto their sides, close their eyes and just roll around, flinging dirt everywhere. They get the dirt way down into their feathers until it reaches their skin. When they are done, they’ll shake it all off and feel fresh and clean. In addition to cleaning the […]

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Story of Love, Loss and Family Memories


Our Silkie rooster Al Capone had two beautiful hens that were always by his side. That was until a Red Tail Hawk decided to kill them both.  After the first death we partially cover the top of the chickens run with bird netting hoping to deter the assassin. It seemed to be working and Al […]

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Great Chicken Escape


GREAT CHICKEN ESCAPE? A few days ago when I went out to feed the chickens their snack and collect the eggs, I discovered I had a missing hen. We call her Amelia Earhart. At first I thought she might be in the coop laying her daily egg. (She lays the most beautiful baby blue colored […]

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New chickens….


The three new Silkies with our Rooster, Al Capone (he is the guy closest to the camera). THEY ARE SO CUTE, as soft as they look, but dumb! They don’t understand about going in the coop at night, so I’m out their chasing them at 6:45. I’m not sure how I ended up with ANOTHER […]

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