Drying Herbs


Follow my blog with Bloglovin|Follow me on Instagram Do you have an abundance of beautiful herbs still growing in the garden and would love to continue enjoying them through out winter?  Drying Herbs is a great solution. It is great to have dried herbs hanging close at hand that you can quickly trim and use in […]

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Seed Gathering and Saving

yarrow seeds ready to be placed in envelopes to be stored_

I never thought to collect my own seeds until my sister showed me how.  It was years ago, she was in town visiting and we had decided to take the kids to a local amusement park.  The park had several beautiful flower beds with hundreds of perennial flowers in full bloom.  She saw a flower […]

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I Had a Pretty Fabulous Week


This week has been pretty exciting for me. On Monday I was notified by Jessica at A Lot on Your Plate that I had won her Baking Competition with my Chocolate Shortbread Cookie tipped in Chocolate Recipe.  I was pretty thrilled!  I did a little fist pump!  She posted my recipe on her blog and […]

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My Morning in the Kitchen Garden in Pictures


This morning the Fog was heavy and it made the garden so peaceful.  I took some pics and wanted to share.  The dew was showcasing the spiderwebs and making the plants glow green.  Foghorn was doing his morning jog around the garden letting his crows fly.  There were no bees or butterflies out this early […]

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What's Soft, Fuzzy, and Silver Green All Over? Lamb's Ears


With leaves the shape, size and plushness of Lamb’s Ears (Stachys byzantina), one look at this plant and its obvious how it got its name. It is native to Northern Turkey, the Southern Caucasus  Mountain region and  Southern Iran where it grows on rocky hills and scrub areas. In other words, it is a weed. I […]

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Frogs & Toads, a Gardeners Friendly Neighbor


We have a small decorative pond in our backyard and we also have a pool.  I usually am one of the last people to open my pool because every spring the frogs from our little pond go up and lay their eggs in the water that sits on our pool cover.  I will have thousands […]

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