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Columbine ‘Aquilegia’


The flower Columbine or ‘Aquilegia‘ is probably one of the easiest spring perennial flowers to grow if you plant it in the right spot.  Morning Sun & Afternoon Shade, Zone 3 to 8.  Mine are just starting to fully bloom. Here is my only gripe with this little darling, they re-seed everywhere, but to their […]

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Chicks are one week old, ohh how they’ve grown


It was just last Wednesday that I picked up the little balls of fluff. Guess what?  They have grown like weeds! I put them back into the box the hatchery sent them home in to give you some perspective on their growth. last week today You know because they have grown so much, they are […]

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They are so FREAKIN’ cute!


ANNOUNCING OUR NEWEST ADDITIONS…. Picked up the baby chicks yesterday.  I had to drive about 30 minutes to the Hatchery.  Once I arrived I was asked at a small window what my name was, the lady disappeared and a few minutes later came out with this small box in her hands filled with these 10 […]

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