Ricotta Dumplings with Vodka Marinara Sauce

Ricotta Dumplings with Vodka Marinara Sauce

My bon appetit magazine arrived via the postal service showing a beautiful bowl of pasta on the cover.  I threw it into my bag when we flew to Vegas to check it out on our trip.  The magazine has so many dog ears its not funny, but this recipe was #1 on my must try […]

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Salmon and Pasta with White Wine Sauce

Healthy Easy Salmon-and-Pasta-with-White-Wine-Sauce-and-Arugula-Salad

This Salmon and Pasta dish with White Wine that is topped with Arugula Salad has to be one my most healthy, delicious and super simple recipes I have come up with to date!  Those are some fighting words, I know, but I am not kid din’. It’s a meal of superfood bonanza proportions.  Not only […]

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Simple Lasagna

Lasagna is a crowd pleaser.  I have tried several recipes, one that had a sauce that took all day to simmer on the stove top before assembly  and cost a small fortune in ingredients, and several vegetable versions.  All were good, but this is really great and it is so darn simple and delicious.  The […]

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Orzo Salad with Beets & Blue Cheese

Orzo salad with Beets & Blue Cheese @ ahealthylifeforme

I will be stating up front that my family told me not to post this recipe.  Both of my guys said it was “gross”.  I on the other hand said it was “delicious”.   Why the discord?  One word, Beets.  Need I say more? If you like beets, this will be your new favorite way […]

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Spicy and Sweet Corn Mac-N-Cheese


Year after year since I started gardening I have grown chile and pepper plants.  Year after year I let my husband talk me in to growing way more pepper plants than the average family would **ever** need.  This year I held back and only grew a few plants, jalapeno, banana, bell, Serrano and poblano.  So […]

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Basil Pesto Recipe


If you planted basil in your garden, you have an overflow about now.  I have started fighting mine from going to seed (getting flower heads).  I always have more basil than I could ever use, but I just love the smell and taste of fresh basil.  I read several years ago that if you crush […]

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