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One Week Old Chicks

It was just last Wednesday that I picked up the little balls of fluff.

Guess what?  They have grown like weeds and are one week old chicks now.  They grow up so fast…. literaly, really fast.

I put them back into the box the hatchery sent them home in to give you some perspective on their growth.

one day old

one week old

You know because they have grown so much, they are eating a lot more, and guess what?  They are pooping a lot more! 🙂

I am cleaning the brooder twice a day now and I noticed that they had started their chicken scratching, so I added wood shavings.  They were a little unsure at first, trying to stay off the shavings, but once one made the plunge, the rest quickly followed.  Running around with little pieces of shavings in their mouth, as if the entire bottom of the box wasn’t filled with the stuff.

They have also started jumping up on the perch bar.  And who do you think was the first?  The little yellow girl is by far the bravest and boldest.  She is always giving me a tilt of her head to keep an eye on me.  She still not sure if I am friend or foe.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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