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Organic Farm Fresh Eggs

I was at the gym last week and one my fellow crossfitter’s pulled me aside to ask me about eggs. Her question was if there really is a difference between organic farm fresh eggs and conventional store-bought eggs?

Organic Farm Fresh Eggs | ahealthylifeforme.com

Though it seems like a simple question, it really is quite complicated.  Mostly because of all the different type of eggs sold today.  Conventional, Cage Free, Organic, and Free Range.  So, I asked what led her to her question and  she told me that her and her husband were considering getting a few chickens to raise in their backyard.  I had given some of my eggs to her and husband in the past and they were so impressed with the quality that it sparked an interest for them to start their own flock.  

So began my speech about the what it takes to raise your own chickens and how it guarantees you the best quality eggs available.  

Organic Farm Fresh Eggs | ahealthylifeforme.com

Besides having a good quality coop that keeps your chickens safe and comfortable, your chickens will need fresh air, fresh water and a diet high in calcium. Chickens need a surprisingly diverse diet to lay the healthiest and the most lovely eggs.  

That means they need access to good quality poultry feed as their main source of food.  When I started keeping backyard chickens, organic feed was not sold at the local store, but had to be ordered on-line, and to say it was expensive was being kind. 

Thankfully Purina has come out with a complete line of certified USDA organic feed that is made with all the ingredients you want for your chickens and none of those you don’t.  Like genetically modified ingredients, animal by products, preservatives and NO growth hormones.  That means the best quality eggs for you and your family and helps to keep chickens healthy.  

The healthier your chickens the healthier their eggs.

Organic Farm Fresh Eggs | ahealthylifeforme.com

Learn more about Purina Organic Chicken Feed Find Purina Retailer |  Purina Facebook | Purina Pinterest | Purina YouTube

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This post has been sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition, as such I received free product from Purina to share my opinion with my readers. However, my opinions are based on my individual and unique experience. Based on my experience in 2016 I believe this line of feed has been amazing for my flock and I encourage you to try it too!

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