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Eat Healthy Fats


Eating healthy fats help your body work at optimal levels. You need healthy fats for your heart, brain, skin, muscles, basically your WHOLE BODY needs healthy fasts!.

Fat is one of the body’s most basic building blocks.


You have more than 100 trillion cells in your body, and every single cell should be constructed of high-quality fat. Ask yourself, are you getting enough healthy fats?

How do you know if your cells are getting enough vital fat?
Your body will let you know! Never ignore the signs your body is giving you. Some warning signs include:

  • Memory Problems
  • Dry, itchy, scaling or flaking skin
  • Soft, cracked or brittle nails
  • Tiny bumps on the back of your arms or on your torso- (I know a lot of people who have this problem)
  • Achy and stiff joints
  • Weight gain

Fun Facts About Keeping Chickens
You need a strong foundation to if you want to feel good, be strong and grow physically and mentally. You need healthy fats to be the best version of yourself.

That means no subpar fats, no processed foods that you tell yourself have healthy fats.
IT MEANS: fresh, pure, wholesome foods that have not been altered too much by man. (YES< I know olive oil is from pressed olives, but nothing has been added to alter olive oil)


Beyond nourishing your heart and brain, eating the right fats helps you shed fat. I know that sounds wrong, but not eating fat or eating the wrong types of fat make you gain weight.

That’s because healthy cell walls made from high-quality fats lowers blood sugar and insulin levels. This means you are more likely to burn that nasty fat storage you are caring around on your body.
Consuming healthy fats also helps us absorb the important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Get to the store, stock up on some good quality extra virgin olive oil. Keep a bag of nuts at your desk at work, snack on a few when you are in between meals. Enjoy fresh caught Salmon at dinner tonight, and enjoy an egg on a crusty piece of sourdough in the morning. See that doesn’t sound too bad, does it! Eating healthy fats is good for you, and it tastes darn good too!


Eat healthy fats like:

Wild Fatty Fish

  • Salmon
  • Anchovies
  • Sardines
  • Trout




Olive Oil


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1 thought on “Eat Healthy Fats”

  1. For a food to be labeled “healthy” under FDA rules, it has to be low in saturated fat. Eggs don’t meet that requirement.

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