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Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to peel a hard boiled egg, when half of the egg comes off with the shell.  UGHH.  I have tried it all, a needle hole in the shell.  Oh that works really well trying to stick a needle through a raw egg shell.  Vinegar in the water, place eggs in already boiling water, let them sit and cool in hot water, only use old eggs, new eggs.  BAH none of these methods worked!

Finally somewhere a few years ago I read an article on how to Boil the Perfect Egg.  I tried it, and it worked and that is how I have been doing it ever since.

Start with cool water in a small saucepan, place your eggs in water till they are covered.  Place on burner over high heat.  As soon as you see the small bubbles start to rise through the water (NOT BOILING, Just bubbles)

As soon as you see these bubbles remove from heat and cover.

Remove from heat cover for 15 minutes.  Immediately drain eggs, and place in an ice bath for at least 5 minutes or more.  Done!

Peel your way to “Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs”!

On a side note, you must, must, must buy an egg slicer for your hard boiled eggs.  It really makes a beautiful sliced egg for salad and dicing for egg salad.  It is easy to clean (goes right into the dishwasher) and fits easily into your drawer.

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2 comments on “Perfect Hard Boiled Egg”

  1. Avatar photo
    Marguerite Wright

    I tried it. This method does not work for me. I followed the directions, only to end up with very undercooked, nay let us say raw, eggs that were inedible for the purpose I’d needed them.

  2. Avatar photo
    Susan Sentman

    I tried your Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs recipe and it was a total fail for me. I used 5 eggs in a small pan, watched for the ‘bubbles’ covered and timed it for 15 minutes. I put them into an ice water bath after timing and waited 5-6 minutes. Cracked one open….it was raw! Just wanted to share my experience.

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