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Meal Plan Week 15

Weekly Meal Plan Week 15

A healthy family friendly menu plan for five weeknight meals, and dessert idea.  Each featured recipe includes link to complete recipe.

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Weekly Meal Plan | ahealthylifeforme.com

Each week I will share with you our healthy family menu plan for the week.  My goal with these posts is to offer you healthy easy to make recipe ideas.  Please let me know if this is helpful or any suggestions you might have that would make this more useful.

How to use the healthy menu plan.
1. Click through and print the recipes.

2. Make sure you read the recipes before you shop, and check your pantry for staples too.


Grilled Chicken with Asian Barbecue Sauce

{Total Time: 45m}

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free

Grilled Chicken with Asian Barbecue Sauce is a healthy, simple, fabulous way to enjoy chicken.  This homemade sauce is thick, salty, and strong,  Elevating your grilled chicken to superb.

Grilled Chicken Asian Barbecue Sauce Recipe | ahealthylifeforme.com


Salmon and Lentils with Herb Mustard Butter

{Total Time: 25m}

Gluten Free, Healthy, Superfood

Salmon and Lentils with Herb-Mustard Butter is an easy, gorgeous and delicious one bowl dinner that you can serve to the family during the week or at a dinner party.

Salmon and Lentils with Herb Mustard Butter Recipe | ahealthylifeforme.com


Chipotle Pork Burrito Bowls

{Total Time: 1h 5m}

Gluten Free, Healthy, Superfood

Chipotle Pork Burrito Bowls are super fast to assemble and have layer upon layer of fabulous flavor.  Sure to please the Mexican food fan in your family.

Chipotle Pork Burrito Bowl Recipe | ahealthylifeforme.com

Skirt Steak Fajitas via Life’s Ambrosia

{Total Time: 1h}

Easy to prepare

These Skirt Steak Fajitas are all kinds of delicious. They start off with a simple marinade then a quick cook with onions and bell peppers and you’re off to one of the most flavorful plate of skirt steak fajitas I’ve had in a long time.

Steak Fajitas via Life Ambrosia


Orange Shrimp and Broccoli with Garlic Sesame Fried Rice via Dinner at the Zoo

{Total Time: 40m}

Healthy, Easy

Shrimp and broccoli in a sweet and tangy orange sauce, served with garlic sesame fried rice.

Orange Shrimp and Broccoli with Garlic Fried Rice Recipe | Dinner at the Zoo


Riciarelli Cookie 

{Total Time: 1h 22m}

Gluten free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian

Ricciarelli cookie recipe comes from Tuscany.  They are melt in your mouth tender almond flavored cookies.  Their beautiful white tops make a great addition to any cookie platter and they are gluten free.
Ricciarelli cookies melt in your mouth tender almond flavored cookies gluten free recipe | ahealthylifeforme.com


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