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10 DIY Planters

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As we are putting our gardens to sleep for the winter it is time to start thinking about enjoying plants inside.  Here are 10 DIY Planters that I am crushing on right now.  These are sure to keep your plants healthy and your house beautiful.

DIY House Planters for Fall
A great way to enjoy nature and our plants all winter long is by displaying them in fun creative ways.  Here are 10 amazingly beautiful DIY planters that you will want to try.

1. DIY Metallic Geometric Planters in 5 Minutes.

By: Brittni Mehlhoff she shows us how to make a faux metal hexagon planter in 5 minutes


2. Ferns in Hanging Terrariums
By Moiiwatplantendoen These hanging terrariums are gorgeous via Vosges Paris

10 DIY Planters for Fall

3. DIY Cork Tillandsia 
Make your own vertical indoor garden with this DIY Cork Tillandsia Kit from Flora Grubb Gardens.

10 DIY Planter Ideas for Fall

4. Easy DIY Tea Cup Planter Party Favors

By: Lovelola  who shows us how to make these sweet tea cup planters that will make the perfect holiday party favor via curbly.

10 DIY Planter Ideas for Fall

5. DIY Dino Planters

By: dani-kittenbear these are so darn cute, and creative a definite favorite via HIGH WALLS.


10 DIY Planter Ideas for Fall

6. DIY painted concrete planters

By: Matthew Robbins these concrete planters are lovely via weddbook.  

10 DIY Planters for Fall

7. Mount a Staghorn Fern
By: Megan Gilger How-to by The Fresh Exchange I also love the orchid.



8. DIY Tea Tin Herbs 

By: Kai Ethier taking something used and making it new.  A colorful and beautiful way to show off herbs via House and Home.

10 DIY Planters for Fall

9. DIY Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants

By: Karla Lim this is such a simple, beautiful and inexpensive way to show off your plants via oh so very pretty.

10 DIY Planters for Fall


10. Yellow Drip Planter

By: Dabito who turned a thrift store find into a piece of art to show off your houseplants via Old Brand New

10 DIY Planters for Fall




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1 thought on “10 DIY Planters”

  1. Avatar photo
    Emma Sarah Tennant

    I really like the mason jar planters. We’re looking at buying a house and I’m going to have these in our new kitchen.

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