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10 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

10 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating to help navigate the party landmines with your healthy diet intact, you need a strategy. Experts agree: Having a plan in place will help you handle night after night of eating and drinking.
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Are you ready to #MakeYourMove to ensure you stay healthy this holiday season? The next step to adopt on your road to health and happiness is making sure you have a game plan for making healthy holiday eating choices.  Let’s face it the holidays can wreak havoc on our diets and our schedules.  Kohl’s has everything we need from fitness gear to cooking pots to sleep wear to make certain we succeed in living a healthy happy life.

I am here to help you navigate the holiday pit falls with some simple tips to ensure you Make Your Move to the most healthy fabulous you!

10 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

  1. Be realistic. Don’t try to lose pounds during the holidays, instead try to maintain your current weight.
  2. Plan time for exercise. Exercise helps relieve holiday stress and prevent weight gain. A moderate and daily increase in exercise can help partially offset increased holiday eating. Try 10 or 15 minute brisk walks twice a day.
  3. Don’t skip meals. Before leaving for a party, eat a light snack like raw vegetables or a piece of fruit to curb your appetite. You will be less tempted to over-indulge.
  4. Survey party buffets before filling your plate. Choose your favorite foods and skip your least favorite. Include vegetables and fruits to keep your plate balanced.
  5. Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed. Savor your favorite holiday treats while eating small portions. Sit down, get comfortable, and enjoy.
  6. Be careful with beverages. Alcohol can lessen inhibitions and induce overeating; non-alcoholic beverages can be full of calories and sugar.
  7. If you overeat at one meal go light on the next. It takes 500 calories per day (or 3,500 calories per week) above your normal/maintenance consumption to gain one pound. It is impossible to gain weight from one piece of pie!
  8. Take the focus off food. Turn candy and cookie making time into non-edible projects like making wreaths, dough art decorations or a gingerbread house. Plan group activities with family and friends that aren’t all about food. Try serving a holiday meal to the community, playing games or going on a walking tour of decorated homes.
  9. Bring your own healthy dish to a holiday gathering.
  10. Practice Healthy Holiday Cooking. Preparing favorite dishes lower in fat and calories will help promote healthy holiday eating. Incorporate some of these simple-cooking tips in traditional holiday recipes to make them healthier.

10 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating with graphic | ahealthylifeforme.com

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14 comments on “10 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating”

  1. Avatar photo
    Ashlyn @ Belle of the Kitchen

    I love all of these great tips, especially the one about bringing your own healthy food. That way, you know you will always have something healthy to eat amidst all of the other not-so-good-for-you food!

  2. Avatar photo
    Lori @ RecipeGirl

    I’m loving #8- Take the focus off of food. It’s usually all about the food, which is where I get into trouble with out-of-control eating. We’ll be having a small Thanksgiving dinner this year without as much junk. Love your tips!

    1. Thanks Lori, it is easy to get caught up in the food and miss enjoying the holiday. I hope you and your family have a wonderful safe holiday.

  3. Lots of great tips!! I find if I chew gum while baking or when I arrive to a party, it keeps me from eating less too 😉

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