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10 Tips for October Gardening

October is a busy time in your garden when you have to ensure everything is ready to withstand old man winter.  It is also a great time to get things completed so when spring rolls around you are ready to dig in and get planting those spring seeds and flowers.  Whether you are beginning the process of putting your garden to rest for the winter season or gearing up for a fresh start,  check out my 10 Tips for October Gardening to help you get it all done.
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10 Tips for October Gardening | ahealthylifeforme.com

 10 Tips for October Gardening

#1 In vegetable garden beds, be sure to remove old plants, as well as any foliage that has fallen on the soil.

#2 Do a final weeding, and mulch the bed with straw, grass clippings, or chopped leaves. These mulch’s can be turned into the soil next spring to help fertilize next year’s crops.

#3 Collect and store flower bulbs—such as gladiolus, freesia, calla, and canna bulbs—after their tops have frozen.

#4 Mow the lawn one last time. Spread corn gluten meal if you have problems with crab grass.

#5 Collect leaves to shred (with a shredder or mower) and compost.

#6 Before you put away your mower, drain gasoline and take it to the shop for any repairs and to have the blade sharpened.

#7 Cut back tender roses to 10 to 12 inches, and remove all foliage so insects and diseases can’t winter over.

#8 Cover tender, hybrid roses with leaves or straw to protect against winter temperature changes.

#9 Bring in any pots that can’t take a freeze — terra-cotta, ceramic, and many plastic pots

#10 Clean and oil garden tools before storing for winter

Bonus Tips:

  • Dig up geraniums and bring them indoors for the winter.
  • Plant spring bulbs up until ground freezes.
  • If you are planning on making new garden beds, or expanding current ones, do it now so they are ready to plant in spring.  
  • Continue harvesting any fall veggies. You can cover hardier veggies like Brussels sprouts with row covers to extend their season.

10 tips for october garden chores | ahealthylifeforme.com

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  1. I see you have September and October gardening lists, do you have the other months as well? I love the idea of having these to refer to.

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