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Write Down What You Eat

Write Down What You Eat.   If you have a tough time sticking to a healthy clean diet, I suggest keeping a food diary.

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You Don't Have To Eat Less You Have To Eat Right Write Down What You Eat Tip #17

It may sound challenging writing down every little thing you put into your mouth thing, but it really does help.  You will be shocked about what you find out about your diet and how easy it is once you get started.

Write Down What You Eat even if you do it for just one week, you realize what you are or are not putting into your body.

When I started keeping track of my food intake, I was shocked when I found out that I wasn’t meeting my daily fiber intake on a regular basis.  I am a girl who eats a lot of fruits and veggies, not to mention all those Oatmeal Superfood Bars I eat for breakfast.  Once I was aware a few tweaks in my diet and I lost a few pounds over a few weeks and I had more energy to boot.

It has been said that people who keep a food journal tend to lose more weight and eat a healthier overall diet than those who do not.  If you are more of a techie then pen to paper type, there are several great apps you can use to track your daily food intake.  They are really easy to use and have a huge database of food and most offer a barcode scanner, so you can scan the barcode on the food product and it directly adds it to your information.   A few of my favorites include:

My Fitness Pal: Users love MyFitnessPal (free) for its large database of food items. Like the other apps, it also includes a barcode scanner and custom entry tool. The app also has a smaller offline database option to use when you don’t have Internet or data connection.

MyNetDiary Pro: In addition to a food database, barcode scanner, and activity tracker, Calorie Counter by MyNetDiaryPro ($4) tracks your daily steps, blood pressure, and hours of sleep and collects data into easy-to-read charts. The app syncs with an online account, and there’s a free, limited-feature version, as well.

MyNetDiary-Pro Write Down What You Eat Tip #17

Lose It: LoseIt’s (free) simple interface helps you quickly find what you need, while its other features, like badges when you hit your goals and progress reports, encourage you to stick to your plans. The app syncs with an online account to keep track of your data as well as your FitBit to track activity.

Give it a shot for a week write down what you eat  and see what you find out about your food tendencies.

Do you have any helpful tips to keep you on track for a healthier lifestyle?  I would love to hear from you please share with the rest of us what works for you.

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  1. Great post!

    I’ve been craving more fruits and vegetables. However, I’m not sure zucchini season is here. Plus, the area of the U.S. where I live needs to do a better job with getting better looking fruits and veggies. Farmers markets are too little, and we don’t have enough Whole Foods or Earth Fare stores. Of course, I try to buy local, but I think it’s too early for some of the fruits and veggies I want.

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