Oak Leaf Hydrangea

by Amy Stafford on July 5, 2012

The first time I saw one of these plants was at the Flower Show here in Cincinnati.  My friend Tami (who is an amazing gardner) was at my side and knew all about this giant with the surprising blooms.  If seeing it hadn’t sold me, Tami’s glowing recomendation did.  Nothing like talking plants with someone who gets as excited as you to try a new plant in the garden.  I think that is one reason gardening is such a passion for me, the constant morphing and shifting and trial and error.  There is something new everyday and Oak Leaf Hydrangea offer you something with every season.

They usually start their blooming in early summer start out green.  Their distinguishing characteristic is its oak leaf-shaped foliage. The leathery leaves are large and turn purple, orangey-bronze or red in the fall.

Come midsummer they are putting on a show of brilliant white blooms fading to a beautiful pink tint color by the end of the season.  The older the plant the darker the pink color. Come fall the leaves start to turn a brilliant red color.  The blooms and flowers will stay on the plant well into winter. Making these beauties a four season treat!

Oak Leaf Hydrangeas like to be planted in morning sun and afternoon shade.  That being said mine only get a few hours broken sun in the morning and are thriving.  They can grow up to 6-8′ tall, mine are just over 5′ but they are ever bit of 8′ wide.  They need a lot of room to spread out.

The oak leaf hydrangea is easy to grow and practically disease and insect free. Once established, the oak leaf hydrangea is drought tolerant. Pruning should take place immediately after flowering, as buds are set in the early fall. The oak leaf hydrangea will bloom heavily, even in the shade.

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