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10 Top Wellness Trends to watch in 2017

10 Top Wellness Trends to watch in 2017

Our health is the most important thing. We are always looking for the new way to live a healthier life and each New Year brings us the sparkly new wellness trends. I think 2017 will be about enjoying and living as organically and simply as possible. Weight Watchers can help us reach our success.

This post has been sponsored by the Weight Watchers International. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

10 Top Wellness Trends to watch in 2017


  1. Fighting inflammation through our food, not the pharmacy is my #1 tip for 2017. Inflammation is the connector between so many of our aches, pains, and serious illnesses. Inflammation is the underlying culprit to arthritis, tuberculosis, bloating and even acne.

  1. Make Nutrition a family affair. More and more of our choices at the kitchen table are made by the whole family not just Mom or Dad. Teaching our children about how food helps us to lead a healthy and clean life creates life long habits. Letting the kiddos help in preparing the food lets them feel invested in what they are eating.


Choosing ingredients for dinner or snacks has become easier thanks to Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers now offers a variety of deliciously satisfying smart food choices that can be enjoyed as part of a healthier lifestyle. Perfect for helping you and your family to make smart food choices.

I am a big fan of sandwiches for lunch. With a sandwich, I can get a good balance of protein, carb, and fat that fills me up and fuels me through the day.

I really like using Brownberry Sandwich Thins which are Weight Watchers endorsed. They are low in sugar and sodium with a good dose of thiamin and protein. As well as a source of fiber with fewer calories and lower SmartPoints value per serving than regular bread.

Making healthy eating choices in the New Year

  1. Mindful Meal Prep not only guarantees you eat healthily but creates less food waste. Planning what we will eat for the week before we make the trip to the market helps us to only buy what we know we need. Prepping the food before the start of our week helps to ensure we eat the food instead of throwing it away later.

10 Top Wellness Trends to watch in 2017

Weight Watchers works well for helping all of us eat healthy, meal prep, snacking smart while on the go and making nutrition a family affair. Enjoying a fantastic and full life!


  1. Stopping Food Waste is becoming a corporate affair. Restaurants and grocery stores will start serving and putting out vegetables that are not perfectly shaped and shiny. Choosing produce that is local and grown as natural as possible can produce crooked cucumbers or deformed apples. In the past this produce would be thrown away, but not anymore. Ugly produce is a movement to raise awareness of the global impact of food waste.

Stopping Food Waste is serious. We are all guilty of it. Buying food that we don’t use and then we read the expiration date and we cringe as we throw it into the trash, but we don’t make any changes that will stop this from happening in the future.  Part of controlling waste is buying foods that we know will last and that can be used for several meals.

Cutting fruits and veggies up, washing and bagging them up into portion sizes makes sense.  Pick a day and prep all your fruits and vegetables for the upcoming week. This makes pulling them out for snacks or to use in a dinner recipe a snap.

Enjoying a stick of Weight Watchers string cheese with some fresh apple slices is the perfect mid-day or after school snack.

Target is the go-to store for Weight Watchers string cheese, Weight Watchers frozen ice cream novelties, and Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat Sandwich Thins that are endorsed by Weight Watchers. As well as prepackaged individual cut and cleaned apple and vegetables.

These delicious options provide a convenient way to save calories without sacrificing great taste and are consistent with the Weight Watchers philosophy of enjoying a full range of food options while managing body weight and practicing portion control.

  1. Meditation will be king in 2017. Like a well-balanced diet, meditation is part of a well-balanced fitness and wellness regiment. Feeding your mental health is as important if not more than your physical health.

10 Top Wellness Trends to watch in 2017


  1. Our bodies become less efficient at producing collagen after the age of 25. Collagen is responsible for glowing skin, hair, strong nails and healthy digestion system. Foods rich in antioxidants, such as spinach, kale, fish, berries, and citrus fruits promote natural collagen growth.

  1. Staying in and entertaining will become the cool thing to do. Social gatherings are becoming less and less about going out but more about staying in with friends talking, watching movies or playing games.

  1. Our workouts are as much about Recovery as Intensity. The tough workouts are still king, but people are realizing recovery and self-care are an important part of our overall health. Foam rolling is becoming part of the workout and daily maintenance of our body’s alignment.

  1. Having the coolest lunchbox will make all the kids at school and work jealous.  Packing your lunch in a cool sustainable container is the cool way to fuel up during your lunch break. Eco-friendly, cool looking lunch box type containers filled with healthy food choices will be how all the cool kids will lunch in 2017.

Saving money, eating healthy and being eco-friendly can all be accomplished with packing your lunch.

Beyond the cost savings, most packed meals are healthier than meals at restaurants.  Packing a balanced lunch is easy a combination of protein and fiber from whole grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, and fruit will give you the most satisfying and nutritious combination of foods that will keep you feeling full until dinner.  A sandwich of lean turkey made with Brownberry Sandwich Thins is the perfect way to fill up on your lunch break.

Don’t forget to have a sweet treat is okay and Weight Watchers ice cream bars are a smart choice. Their portion sizes are appropriate and the sugar levels are lower than traditional ice cream novelties.

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Choosing dessert options that are lower in sugar

  1. Vacation choices will be about wellness choices as much as relaxation. More and more hotels and resorts are catering to our optimal health offering specialty spa treatments, gourmet workouts, and specialty menus for nutrition or detoxing.

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  1. Great list! However, the Weight watchers ideas feel forced. the products mentioned are processed and full of chemicals. Degrades article.

    1. Sorry, you feel that Rachel. Weight Watchers sponsored the post, and they offer products that help people to reach their dietary goals.

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