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Three Positive Tips for Exercise Success

Three Positive Tips for Exercise Success to be healthier in mind and body.

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I have had several family and friends ask me to start writing posts related to health and fitness tips.  For 2014 I plan on writing a weekly post offering tips or tricks to help with health and fitness.

To help us all find success with our New Years Resolutions to workout more, harder or better I thought I would offer up three tips so we achieve our goals.   To find success you need to know what is behind why most people fail at their workout goals….  ‘Fear and Self Doubt.’

Why?  Fear and Self Doubt is what fuels excuses.  We make excuses when we are afraid of rejection or failure.  Kick your self-doubt in the proverbial balls with my three positive tips to workout success.

1. Practice honesty with yourself.

Yes you can!  Do not let your self-doubt stop you.  Recognize it for what it is and overcome it to succeed.   If you are telling yourself it is too hard or the words “ I can’t” are in your mind, heart or coming out of your mouth, you are going to fail.  That is your fear and self-doubt talking, not the truth, be honest.    Start your workout with the words,  “Yes, I can.”

2. Set realistic goals.

Start telling yourself you can and commit.   You will succeed and you will start to believe in yourself before, during and after your workouts.  This will spill over into your daily life and the way you interact with others.   Start by picking a workout goal you know you will succeed at.  Nothing beats down self-doubt more than success.  Then grow and push yourself in your workouts after you achieve success, using your new “Yes, I can” approach.

3. Prioritize

Make yourself a priority, if not for whom you are today, who you will be in the future.  Don’t use your family or friends an excuse for not working out.  Include those closest to you in your workout by spending time with them while you workout.  A family bike ride, or training for a race as a family or with a friend will build commodity and a team like feeling that will create memories and a healthy lifestyle.


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17 comments on “Three Positive Tips for Exercise Success”

  1. Avatar photo
    Kate Williams

    It is always said health is wealth and something that money cant buy is health so we should always take care of it, the post was very informative thanks for sharing.

  2. Great Tips! Realistic goals! I can’t agree more, I used to just set goals that were unachievable and get disappointed with myself once I failed to do what I wanted. I worked through it with the help of my personal trainer at Trainer Joe’s Fitness though. He helped me set realistic goals that I could meet and gradually work my way up.

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