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Salads are an essential part of eating healthy, and they’re also one of the most fun things you can make. Nothing is quite as versatile, fresh, and fun as a great salad with all of your favorite ingredients. With colorful ideas from this Independence Day Red, White, and Blue Salad to a lovely autumn-appropriate Wild Rice Orzo Cranberry Salad, each one is packed with nutrition, flavor, and texture.

The Best Savory Salads with Fruit

If you like salty-sweet and tangy-sweet combos like we do at my house, these recipes are right up your alley! Fruit makes all the difference, with fresh watermelon and peaches giving the salads a perfect summertime taste.

Newest Salad Recipes

It’s impossible to resist trying out new ideas for combining fresh, gorgeous produce and flavorful mix-ins, isn’t it? These are the latest salad combinations that have been finding their way to my dinner table.

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