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Fall Wreath

Hand Made Fall Wreath DIY

I am really excited to share with you how to make this elegant Do It Yourself Fall Wreath.  It was very easy to make and was hanging on my front door in  less than 30 minutes.  I got all my supplies at Michael’s Craft store and they were having a silk flower sale which brought the whole cost up to $60.00.  I went with black Hydrangeas because they would cover the most area, but they also had black roses that would look just as lovely but you would need about 25 to cover the wreath.  They had an assortment of fall leaves, and orange blooms that you could use as your accent if you don’t like the berries that I chose.  Just go with what you like and enjoy!

What you need:

  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Stick or two
  • 18″ wooden wreath form
  • 11 black silk hydrangea flowers
  • Ornamental dried Orange berries
  • Black ribbon

Lay paper down to protect your work surface and lay out your supplies.

Halloween Wreath

Using wire snips cup off the stems of your dried Hydrangeas and Berries.  Place a generous amount of glue on the back of Hydrangea and place blooms around wreath, you should cover the entire wreath.

Halloween Wreath 2

Place glue on stem of berries and arrange around wreath where you like.

Cut about 54 inches of ribbon, and wrap around wreath tie a large bow at end and hang on wreath hook on your front door.


Fall Wreath DIY at home

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