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Gardening Roundup Year in Review

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Gardening is a never ending education.  No matter how long you have been a gardener a day or years, you will always learn something new and be challenged.  The best place to learn is from other gardeners, people who are as passionate about growing and planting as you.  I have been fortunate enough to be asked to join an on line group “The Garden Charmers“.  A group of gardeners from all over, though most of the ladies are from Canada.  We all are passionate about learning, and sharing so I asked the group to share how their last year went in the garden.  The Good, Bad and Beautiful.  Below is just a short snippet about each of their posts.  Stop over at their blogs to learn more and get to know these wonderful ladies.

-Want to learn how The Easiest Potato Growing Method Ever?  Shelley from Sow and Dipity can show you how.

-Want to turn a neglected area of your yard into a beautiful secret garden?  Heather from New House New Home can show you the way to your new garden.

-Want to learn about what plant looks beautiful but will become a nuisance in your garden?  The lovely Barb from Our Fairfield Home and Garden will tell you all about it.

-Want to learn about raised bed gardening?  Staci from Life at Cobble Hill Farm will tell you how to do it the right way.

-Learning to accept the good and the bad of your garden by taking a deep breath and relaxing can be tough for the ever busy gardener.  Lynne from Sensible Gardening and Living will share her story with you.

-Want to learn what caterpillar is good for your precious garden?  Melissa from Empress of Dirt will share what to look for.

-Weeds pestering you?  Jacki from  O Garden can tell you how to beat them with some clever tricks.

-Squirrels overrunning your garden?   Carol from the Gardening Cook will share how she deals with the cute little critters.

-Lastly if you had holes in you precious Eggplant, Kale or Broccoli.  Pop on over to my post on how to beat the Flea Beetle before it makes  a home on your precious vegetables.

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1 thought on “Gardening Roundup Year in Review”

  1. I am hoping to get an early start this year on tomato and pepper plants for our little urban garden. I always wait last minute but it would be great to learn to start both by seed. I cannot wait to follow you charmers and to learn some new tricks!

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