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Meet our New Puppy

Xena 10

Meet Xena, our itsy-bity-tiny Airedale puppy.

She came to us all at the way from Delaware where she is the runt of the litter of 11 puppies.  Xena is ten weeks old now, but when she arrived at eight weeks old she only weighed 3.5 pounds.  Even though she is small in size she has the spirit and heart of an Airedale and is now charging through life fearlessly. With lots of love and care from the great breeders April and Todd Clyde from Longvue Airedale, she’s now part of our family and we couldn’t be happier.

Even Roman our resident grumpy eight year old Airedale is smitten with baby Z as we like to call her.  We were worried how Roman would take to having a new dog in the house.  Last February we had a tough month when our Airedale Cleo was diagnosed with a heart tumor at the age of thirteen and passed rather quickly.  Then tragedy struck nine days later when our Weimaraner Caesar (who had never be apart from Cleo) had a stroke in the middle of the night and did not survive.

Needless to say we were all very sad, especially Roman who had never been alone and has struggled ever since.

Well, I am happy to say little Z may be small but she has a mighty personality and we are all quite happy to have her in our lives, even grumpy old Roman who now has a constant shadow.

Xena and Roman in the Yard

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10 comments on “Meet our New Puppy”

  1. Avatar photo
    Lisa @ Fresh Eggs Daily

    Adorable! We brought a two-year old Corgi into our family to keep our two-year old German shepherd company – they have their moments and everyone get a time out, but on the whole I know they love each other. Great post!

    1. Amy @ A Healthy Life For Me
      Amy Stafford

      Lisa, Thank you. We are loving her to pieces!! I love your pics of the Corgi and Shepherd with the Chickens. I introduced Xena the hens yesterday and it was pretty uneventful. Hopefully it stays that way.

  2. Airedales and food … my favorite subjects! Nothing will keep you healthier than Airedales (once your little one is past the CrocaDale stage). So glad I found your blog.

    1. Amy @ A Healthy Life For Me
      Amy Stafford

      Thanks for stopping over Sidney. Yes, those Airedales will keep you busy, and even though she’s little she has me running after her already.
      xo Amy

  3. Have you read The Art of Racing in the Rain? If not, it’s GREAT! My husband and I have had three airedales in our lives, five Wheaten terriers, and 6 Wheaten litters. Our last Airedale was hit and left on our dirt road to die on his six month birthday. Although that was almost two years ago, we continue to be devastated. Your little Xena enticed me to call Stoney’s father’s owner in Canada and reserve a puppy from her next litter due in a couple of weeks. Airedales are THE best dogs!!

    1. Amy @ A Healthy Life For Me
      Amy Stafford

      My friend just recommended The Art of Racing in the Rain to me a few days ago. I will have to download it to my kindle. I am so sorry to hear about your Airedale, how awful. It took me a while to be able to bring the new puppy home, but I am so happy I did. She has really put a spark into our home. I think Ms. Xena will keep us all on out toes. Best of luck with your new puppy, I would love to see pics when you get her/him.

  4. Avatar photo
    Heather P @The Owl with the Goblet

    She is just precious Amy! And so sorry to hear about your other pups… how heartbreaking. We have 3 dogs ourselves and it is just amazing how they become part of the family. Enjoy your weekend with cute little Xena!

    1. Amy @ A Healthy Life For Me
      Amy Stafford

      Hi Heather,
      Thank you, it was a tough time. You are right they truly become a huge part of your family and life. I hope your 3 guys stay healthy and happy for a long time.

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