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No Sew DIY Lavender Sachets

Lavender Sachets with Amy from AHLFM

I always like to make homemade gifts for friends and family over the holidays.  This little sachet DIY project is simple, and easy and I got lots of thank you’s.  This would be perfect to place on a wrapped gift making a special ribbon or stocking stuffer, you could also hang it on a bottle of wine for hostess gift.

I got the burlap, ribbon, and iron on adhesive at Michael’s’ crafts.  I ordered the Lavender Flowers on-line from Starwest Botanicals.

What I used:

supplies for no sew lavender sachets copy great gift ideas


1. Glue gun and at least 2-3 glue sticks

2. 3 yards Crafty Cuts 4″ Burlap trim (Michael’s Crafts) makes 13 sachet

3. Heat and Bond iron on adhesive (Michael’s Crafts)

4. 1/2″ decorative fabric ribbon

5. 1/2 pound bag of organic Lavender flowers

6. Ruler

7. Scissors

8. Marker or Pen

9. Iron

Supplies for no sew lavender sachets great gift idea

Unroll Burlap and using ruler measure 8″ increments marking with marker or pen.

Cut into 8″ lengths.

Cut 2-4″ strips of iron-on-adhesive for every 8″ piece of burlap.

Using your iron, press burlap pieces flat.

Place iron on adhesive pieces along inside edge of burlap along frayed edge and then fold burlap over on to itself covering adhesive, making 4″ square.  You will still have opening on top.

Using iron press without moving iron and steam to adhere adhesive.  Continuing on with rest of burlap and adhesive.

Using a small scoop, fill burlap with lavender till 3/4 way full.

Fill No Sew Lavender Sachets great gift idea

Heat glue gun.

Cut ribbon into 8″ length, one for each piece of burlap.

Take 8″ piece of ribbon and put a drop of glue on one end and fold ribbon over itself to adhere.

Hot Glueing Ribbon for DIY no sew Lavender Sachets great gift ideas

Then put drop of glue on one side of ribbon on the outside by the cut side.

Press inside sachet to adhere

Run glue gun along inside of sachet and press down over ribbon to adhere.

Lavender Sachets Gifts Craft




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2 comments on “No Sew DIY Lavender Sachets”

  1. I can’t sew to save my life, so I love this no-sew DIY project! Thanks so much for sharing – I’m literally off to the craft store now! 🙂

    1. Ang,
      I am thrilled you are going to give it a shot, it really is a fun and satisfying craft!! Good luck.

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