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Peas, Peas, Everywhere!

I am typing this surrounded by my beautiful peas.  I have some in the fridge, some on the counter and more on the vine waiting to be picked.  Let me tell you there is nothing sweeter and more flavorful than a homegrown pea!

Peas are every gardener’s success story!  You get to plant them when you are so anxious to get going in the spring but have to hold back in case we get that late frost. Peas like it cool and wet so spring is the perfect time to plant them.  I planted mine back in early March and the vines have grown to the top of their trellis and are loaded with sweet pea pods.

I planted my Sugar Snap Peas directly outside in a loose soil in full sun with a plastic trellis for them to grow on that I attached to fence posting.  Simple and Easy.  I planted radishes alongside to give me a crop while I waited for the peas to produce.  This is another bonus to peas because they grow up leaving you room around their base for you to plant a lower growing crop, like radishes, lettuce or beets.

The vine variety is easy to grow, just supply something for them to grow up and they will sending out little tendrils to wrap around and support themselves on.  There are several different varieties you can grow, if you would prefer not to trellis, their are bush varieties as well.  No matter which type you choose, peas like other legumes, house nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their roots that improve the soil!

I started popping them off last week and handing out bags of them to those  who I know who will enjoy them.  You want to pick sugar peas when the pods are about 3″ long.  I’ve been ruffling through my cooking arsenal pulling out recipes to try out this next week.  You’ll be Pea Green with envy when you see these beautiful peas in my recipes…. get it pea green.  I am so funny, you know it! 🙂  Give my Sweet Pea Ravioli a try!  DELISH!

Peas are so healthy for you too.  They contain Phytonutrients.  What are Phytonutrients you ask?  Its a substance found in plants that helps our bodies fight and prevent diseases.  Especially protection from stomach cancer.  Green peas also provide us with key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

So, not only are they easy to grow, easy to harvest, great for the soil, they are also great for you!

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6 comments on “Peas, Peas, Everywhere!”

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    We just enjoyed our first harvest of peas yesterday – yum! Glad to have seen your beautiful garden on GPOD this morning. I garden in western PA and blog at wifemothergardener.blogspot.com about our ornamental gardens and life. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks for visiting. I was pretty excited that they picked my garden yesterday!! I’ll hop on over to your site and check it out!

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    A Table in the Sun

    Amy, I love your photos! I’m so sad…..I will pick my last crop of peas tomorrow, then pull my vines to plant something new. Hmmmmm……vegetable or herb?

    1. I know how you are feeling, just last night I was thinking it was time to do another seed sowing. I say go with both veggies and herbs, more is always better in the garden 🙂

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    I just planted peas for the first time this year and their climbing and starting to be ready, Thanks for this great post, you just answered all of my questions about what to do next with them!

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