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Saving & Printing Recipes on A Healthy Life For Me with Ziplist

I am really excited to share with you a new tool that I can now offer, called ZipList.  If you are like me you would love an easy way to store all your favorite recipes that you try or want to try that allows you easy access.  No more searching for the recipe you saw that you wanted to try, or you tried it loved it, but can’t find the recipe the next time you go to make it.  With Ziplist you just set up your account, save your recipes and there they will be when you need them.


I have added ZipList here at A Healthy Life For Me, which will allow you to not only print your recipes, but you will also be able to save them in an online recipe box and even add ingredients to a shopping list.  But it’s not just A Healthy Life For Me, ZipList has an incredible line up of food blogs that they have partnered with, including many of my favorites such as  Martha Stewart, Leite’s Culinaria, Chez Us, Averie CooksCafe Johnsonia, Love and Olive Oil, Recipe Girl and many, many more.  Check out their list and I bet your favorite bloggers are there as well.  You can add recipes from all of us and save them in one spot.  **GENIUS**

They also have recipes from websites such as Martha Stewart and brands such as Challenge Dairy and Pepperidge Farm.

Setting up your Recipe Box is easy.

 Up in the menu bar here on the site, you’ll see a “Recipe Box” link (see picture below).   That is where you can go to take advantage of all of the great tools that ZipList offers.   You can set up an account if you do not already have one, and then start saving recipes from your favorite sites, as well as add them to your shopping list or meal planner.

All you need to do is enter your email and choose a password.


 Once your set up and if you want to save a recipe to your recipe box, just click on the “Save” button (see picture below) in the recipe card here at A Healthy Life For Me or any of Ziplist  partnership bloggers.



To learn more about ZipList, check out their How It Works page.   Save recipes, plan your shopping trips, organize your grocery list and even use on free mobile apps.



I am always looking for ways to keeping myself organized and being able to access all my favorite recipes, shopping list and grocery deals at a click of a button is pretty amazing.  Let me know if you love this tool as much as I do.

xo Amy

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3 comments on “Saving & Printing Recipes on A Healthy Life For Me with Ziplist”

  1. The one thing I would like is to be able to save recipes from other sites to my recipe box and keep them in one place

    1. Susan,
      With ziplist you can save recipes from other sites (if they offer zip list) all in your own recipe box. That is what is so genius about zip list! Let me know if you have any trouble and I will try to help.

  2. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Brewer


    I LOVE Ziplist! It is so easy to stay organized. Everything is in one spot. I can always find the recipe because it never gets lost in a cookbook. I have even thought about throwing out all my cookbooks because everything is online now!


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