Elegant Easter Menu

Looking for Easter dinner ideas for next Sunday? Here are 6 delicious Easter recipes to make your holiday table complete, from spicy deviled eggs to lamb chops and a twist on brussels sprouts and an amazing carrot cupcake!  Let me know what you will be making for your Easter dinner.  I hope this week spring will make an appearance, I mean really Easter is here, April is next week and its snowing… again.
Deviled EggsThese Spicy deviled eggs are savory, made with goat cheese, sriracha and prosciutto and a crowd pleaser.  You can make the day ahead and refrigerate overnight to pull out and serve as an appetizer before dinner.

Lemon Green Beans These Lemon green beans make a cooks life easy if she is cooking for a crowd.  I always go for the french green beans because I think they cook up tender and have a softer flavor.  After a quick blanch you can store these beans in the refrigerator covered over night to pull out and dress before serving.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Slaw-5





This Brussels Sprout Slaw dish pleases even those that aren’t Brussels Sprout fans.   If you are looking for a hearty and delicious and beautiful way to serve sprouts this is your dish.

lamb chopsThese Spicy-Sweet lamb chops are a sweet and savory and simple to throw together to serve your family.  A great addition to the traditional Ham.

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese FrostingYou can’t serve Easter dinner without Carrot Cake, that is unless you are serving Carrot cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.  A great way to please a crowd is to serve an assortment of Cupcakes.  They can be made a few days in advance.
Lemon Raspberry Cupcake-5 For those that don’t want carrot cupcakes offer them these Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting, coconut and fresh raspberry.





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