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10 Tips for Growing Peppers

I have supplied an easy graphic for you on 10 Tips for Growing Peppers that you can keep handy so you are guaranteed those delicious sweet and spicy summer peppers all season long.
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10 Tips for Growing Peppers | ahealthylifeforme.com

 Top 10 Tips for Growing Peppers:

#1 Plant where they will get at least 10 hours of direct sunlight.

#2 Leave about 18-20” space between each plant to allow for air to circulate. Hot Pepper cultivars need less room in between plants than sweeter varieties.

#3 Stake or cage taller varieties so that the stems do not break in strong winds or due to a heavy fruit load.

#4 Make sure your pepper plants receive at least an inch of water a week. Gallon of water daily during extreme heat and drought. Keeping soil evenly moist for good growth.

#5 Peppers need well draining soil that is rich and loamy, but avoid too much nitrogen in the soil. Too much nitrogen can cause plenty of leaves and little to no peppers. Your soil should have a pH between 6.0 and 6.5.

#6 Add about 1” of organic mulch around base of plant to help retain soil moisture and keep soil temperatures nice and warm.

#7 Pinch off early blossoms, this will encourage larger sized peppers and a higher overall yield.

#8 To deter cutworms, place a cardboard collar around each stem, pushing it at least an inch into the ground.

#9 Always cut peppers from plant leaving a small stub of stem attached, pulling causes damage to plant.

#10 You can harvest peppers when immature, but flavors and vitamin content will approve as they ripen on the plant.

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10 Tips for growing peppers

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4 comments on “10 Tips for Growing Peppers”

  1. Very useful article with many important information. I had grown peppers twice and the first time my plants weren’t given enough sunlight so they withered quite fast. What was also the problem were the seeds which I got from a pepper bought in a shop. Maybe this variety wasn’t able to grow in mine conditions. The second approach to growing peppers was when I have made an order on https://gardenseedsmarket.com/pepper-seeds-en/ while recreating my garden. I have bought 3 different varieties of peppers and, what shocked me, they’ve all sprouted. So it’s true that sunlight is very important.

  2. Avatar photo
    Robin McMahon

    Thank you so very much! Peppers are my plant of the year, meaning that I am trying to improve my pepper plant yield as well as a plant in general. Your advice was great, easy to do and very informative! Plus, I love your graphic! I found your graphic on another veggie, and I thought I just have to see what she has on peppers and you did not disappoint! Thanks for everything!

  3. Avatar photo
    Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads

    Hi Amy, those are some great tips for pepper growing. I have more success growing peppers in containers than in the ground. I didn’t know to pinch off the first few blossoms so I will try that next year. I give my plants Epsom salts a few weeks after I plant them, and I’m enjoying lots of peppers right now!

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