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9 Fun Workout Gadgets

 9 Fun Workout Gadgets to help get you to the gym looking good and feeling good.
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9 Workout Gadgets

Week 4 of my 52 Tips for Health and Fitness Success, each week I write a post sharing health or fitness tip or tips that I find useful in my daily life.   I wanted to share with you some Gadgets, apps, and Sportswear that helps me keep motivated in my exercise regimen.

1. Tabata App– Perfect app for your phone to help time your Tabata workout or any exercise you want timed.  I love it because the timer talks to you with sound and voice letting you know when to work and when to rest.  You can customize time, rest and number of exercise.  The big bonus is that it talks over your music allowing you to listen to your tunes while the app is running. (Click here to see my kick your but Tabata workout)

2.  Polar Loop- Activity bracelet that provides guidance and motivational feedback to help you increase your daily activity. All you have to do is wear the smart bracelet on your wrist and all of your activity- including cycling and swimming- is captured. At the tap of a button, it shows the time, your total steps, calories burned, daily activity goal and tips to reach it.

3. 8 Tracks- Internet radio created by people, make an online mixtape with 8 or more tracks. Add a title, cover art, tags, and share your mix with friends or find your audience on 8tracks.  Stream playlists for any mood or occasion, from every genre and country, delivering the best source for music discovery on the web.

4. Vimmia Activewear– Fun High Performance Activewear

5. Sworkit App– Simply choose what part of your body to focus on and how long you have. Sworkit will create a custom circuit training workout using just your bodyweight.

6. Heart Rate Monitor– A must have if you are taking your cardio Aerobic and Anaerobic training seriously.  If you want to be stronger and fitter, get a Heart Rate Monitor.  A must for all most all cardio workouts.

7. Spotify–  Great way to find your new tunes to get your sweat on.  You can listen to artists, albums and playlists in shuffle mode. Or choose a ready-made playlist to suit your mood. On tablet and computer, you can play any song, any time.

8. Splits59 – Beautiful and Cool quick-dry sport performance fabrics provide the ultimate in fit and comfort, while inventive layering pieces.

9. Argus App – 24/7 Steps and active Calorie counter, GPS mapping of Running, Cycling and Driving; keeping track of Water, Coffee and Tea intake; snapping photos of meals in one click.

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