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Fruit Infused Vodka or Tequila

Don’t know what to do with that extra ripe fruit you have sitting around?  Throw it into a canning jar and cover it with vodka or tequila.

Vodka is an obvious choice, but why not use white rum or tequila, brandy or grappa? Don’t go for the really cheap stuff, but don’t splurge either. A middle-of-the-road, neutrally flavored liquor will produce the best infused spirits.

Really any fruit will work.  I used cherries and pears but try raspberries, strawberries, pears, figs, lemons, cherries, blueberries, even beets and chiles, as long as they are ripe.

Make sure that the fruit is clean and peel or pitted based on what you are using.  Slice, dice and core.  Just remember no seeds, pits or skins.

Fill your jars with fruit.  I placed 15 cherries in each jar and half of a pear in each jar.  I topped off with the liquor, tightened the lids and placed them in the refrigerator.  Shake the jar every few days.  When the liquor is to the flavor that you like, strain out fruit and pour infused spirits into a clean resealable glass jar or bottle; store in the fridge.

They make a great gift!  Place a label on the jar or tie one around the lid.  Make sure you label the ingredients, so your recipient will know what you’ve given them.  My wonderful sister-n-law helped me design my logo, and the stickers you see below so that when I place a sticker on a bag of my baked goods, or my can goods I  look stylish and professional! 🙂  Thanks Sandra! xoxo

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