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Lil’ Beer Cocktail

If you have read a few of my last Saturday Cocktail recipes you know I usually visit the same spirits store to buy my liqueur, mixers and alcohol.

Its a small spirits store in a small little town not too far from my home and the same lady is in there each time I have stopped in.  Now you may also know that the “spirits lady” as I refer to her is not a warm and fuzzy kind of lady.  She doesn’t smile her welcome or even say welcome when you come into her shop.  I don’t think she is the owner of the shop but she certainly acts as if it is her domain and the moment I cross the threshold she lets me know I am in her territory.  I clearly did not pass muster the first few times I made my purchased.  I tried my big smile and sweetness when I made my purchases, I think she growled at me.

Next time I went in I went in with the challenge in front of me of winning over the “mean ol’ spirits lady”  My plan of attack was to be brisk, cool and tough with my spine straight and a no-nonsense look on my face.   The “your in big trouble buster” face I use on my kids.  Oh yea, that one.  You know I meant business.

That was until I couldn’t find what I was looking for and I knew I would have to approach her and ask.  I took a deep breath approached with a serious look on my face and with my best authoritative voice asked where the Licor 43 was.  She was doing paperwork and when she looked up she was actually smiling at me (I shivered) “oh I just love that stuff, I had a lil’ beer last weekend”, “um okay” I said.  Not wanting to show weakness I didn’t ask “what the hell she was talking about”  Well, thankfully I didn’t have to she went into great detail about what it was and how much she loved the little shot and how I just had to try it.  I was trilled, I actually got her to look at me without a scowl and a growl and she was telling me all about this great cocktail recipe I could share with all of you.  It seems you just sometimes have to ask the right questions….  well, needless to say when I stop into the spirits store, the “spirits lady” actually smiles at me all the time (I shiver, of course) and she loves to give me tips on my cocktail mixing.  She is pretty informative so I listen and usually try out her suggestions.   So, lets all raise a toast to my “spirits lady” with our lil’ beers and remember sometimes you just have to ask the “right” question.

Little Beer Shot with Licor 43

This recipe is a simple delight.

  • 1 ounces licor 43 in a shot glass
  • 1/2 ounce of heavy cream
Pour Licor 43 into shot glass top with cream.

Little Beer Shot

Licor 43 is a delightful Spanish vanilla liquor that I LOVE!  I usually do my photo shoots for the cocktails on Thursday or Friday afternoon and I usually have a cappuccino in the afternoon.  On the day I did this photo shoot I sat waiting for the sun to pop behind the clouds because there was too much light on the glasses.  I sat drinking my cappuccino waiting and I looked down at my Starbucks cup and thought to myself, I bet this shot would be awesome in here.  AH YEA!  It was AWESOME.  So think of putting a little Licor 43 in your after dinner coffee next time.  I will have to share this revelation with my “spirits lady” don’t ya think??

Little Beer Shot

Lil' Beer Cocktail


  • 1 ounces licor 43 in a shot glass
  • 1/2 ounce of heavy cream


  • Pour Licor 43 into shot glass top with cream.
Course: Cocktail


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