Meaty, flavorful, and packed with nutrition, redfish like salmon and tuna are sure to please. I love adding redfish to my family’s menus so that we all get a boost of Omega-3s, protein, B-vitamins, and astaxanthin.

Not sure how to prepare redfish? This Ahi Tuna Sushi Bowl looks fancy, but it’s a breeze to make! Pistachio Crusted Salmon is another family favorite, with a savory crunch from crushed pistachios. Want something a little more casual? These Spicy Salmon Burgers have got you covered – and they’re gluten free, too!

Redfish Recipes I'm Crushing On

Check out my latest recipes for tuna, salmon and more. These easy redfish recipes are my family’s new favorites, and they’re sure to be yours as well!

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