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Thanksgiving DIY Banner

 Fun and simple Thaksgiving DIY Banner to welcome your guests.Decorating Foyer Table with Banner and Natural ElementsI have been admiring the Thanksgiving Banners on several websites and Pinterest for the last weeks.  The only problem is the banners are meant to hang on a wall or mantel, and neither of those choices appealed to me.

I really wanted a tabletop banner that I could sit on my foyer table and I couldn’t find any on-line so I decided I would make up my own.  Along with welcoming guests as they come through my front door with a whimsical banner I also wanted to use natural elements right from my backyard to add seasonal character.  I decided to collect dried twigs, pinecones, seed pods, and feathers to create the perfect fall entry.  Xena and Roman helped me collect the pinecones while I made a few snips of branches to bring into the house.

Decorating Foyer Table with Banner and Natural ElementsAfter my foraging was complete.  I hopped in the car with my wallet and my imagination and headed to the craft store to gather my supplies.

  1. Martha Stewart Die-cut Lace Tags
  2. Large Black Alphabet Epoxy Stickers
  3. Hemp Cord 
  4. 6- Dowel Rods 3/16″ (a few extra in case one breaks)
  5. 1″ Tiny Clothes Pins
  6. Martha Stewart Glue Pen
  7. 3 1/2″ terra-cotta pots
  8. Bottle of Sand any color
  9. Bag of small smooth River stones
  10. Scrapbooking paper 2-3 different coordinating colors (your choice color)
  11. Burlap to line your table

Tools Needed: Scissors, Ruler, Pencil, Drill and 5/64″ Drill Bit

Decorating Foyer Table For Thanksgiving with Banner and using Natural Elements

Cut your burlap to fit the top of your table as a runner.

Take the Die-cut tags and apply the letters to the center spelling out “Give Thanks”.  Then take your scrap-book paper and cut into flags.  I cut 2 3/4″ x 3 3/4″  and then I cut a V at the bottom to shape the paper into flags.

Center your tags in the center of your flag and adhere with your glue pin.

Measure 1 1/2″ from the end of your dowel rods and use your drill and drill a hole.  You will need an extra pair of hands for this.

Measure out how long you need to cut your hemp string to allow your flags to hang evenly.  Attaching your flags to the string with the tiny clothes pins.  My “Give” string measured 24″ and my “Thanks” string 36″.  I cut the extra once I was satisfied with how they hung.

Then run your hep string through the holes of the dowel rod holes and tie off.

Decorating Foyer Table for Thanksgiving with Banner and using Natural Elements

Decorating Foyer Table for Thanksgiving using Banner and Natural Elements

 For stability I used four terra-cotta pots, I covered the hole in the bottom of each pot with tape and filled the pot a little more than half way full with sand.  I then placed my dowel rods in each pot and then topped with the river pebbles.

Set your pots how you would like them on your table so that your flags hang evenly.

Then I scattered pine cones around the table followed by a few candles and two cute little turkeys I found at Target.

Decorating a Foyer Table for Thanksgiving using Banner and Natural Elements

Decorating Foyer Table for Thanksgiving using banner and natural elements

I also used some of the Chickens feathers that I collected to display in two small bowls.  I used garden foam cut to fit the bowl and then stuck the feathers in an arrangement and then used moss to cover the foam.

Decorating Foyer Table for Thanksgiving using Banner and Natural Elements

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5 comments on “Thanksgiving DIY Banner”

  1. Avatar photo
    Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads

    Hi Amy! I love your Thanksgiving display with the banner and the natural elements. I’m visiting the members of the Garden Charmers and you are at the top of the list! So happy to get acquainted with you and your blog.

  2. Love the Thanksgiving banner!! Also, congratulations on your adorable hairy baby!!
    Love ya,
    Cindyluwho 🙂

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