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Cranberry Limoncello Martini

Cranberry Simple Syrup Limoncello Holiday Cocktail

Cranberry Simple Syrup Limoncello Holiday Cocktail

 I loved the Christmas T.V. specials growing up.  Grinch and Rudolph were two of my favorites, but by far my top of the list was The Year Without a Santa Claus.  Not only because Rudolph looked so darn cute with the elves socks over his antlers to look like a dog, but because of Mother Natures rotten boys, Heat Miser and Snow Miser.  Heat Miser was my favorite of the two, he just seamed a bit more bad ass.

So when I found my self at the check out at The Container Store this week and their song started playing over the speakers, I gladly sang along (out loud) and soon the cashier followed along.  We smiled and both confessed those rotten boys were our favorites.

To make sure you enjoy your favorite holiday T.V show or movie this season, mix up  a Sweet and Tart Cranberry Limoncello Martini and toast to the classics.

You can find the recipe for Cranberry Simple Syrup (here) & Limoncello (here)

Cranberry Limoncello Martini

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Prep Time3 minutes
Total Time3 minutes
Servings: 1



  • Add fresh ice and ingredients in martini shaker. Shake and pour



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