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Dozen Romantic Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Dozen Romantic Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipes

Love is Love, it can never be explained.  This Valentine’s Day make a delicious romantic cocktail for that someone special.  All my cocktails are simple to make and I have included Vodka, Gin, Rum, and Bourbon recipes, so there is definitely a cocktail on this list to please even the pickiest cocktail drinker.  Just click on the title of the cocktail and you will be sent to the page with the complete recipe.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  xo Amy

#1 Cucumber Cosmopolitan Cocktail refreshing and sweet.  Cucumber Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe

#2 Blood Orange-Rosemary Fizz Martini a little bubbly with a tart zing.

Blood Orange Rosemary Fizz Cocktail Recipe

#3 Love Potion #9  A potion of a cocktail to convince your loved one…..

Love Potion #9 Cocktail Recipe

#4 Raspberry Mojito fun and fruity perfect for a good time.

Raspberry Mojito Recipe

#5 Love Rouge Cocktail bubbly with a citrus zest.

Love Rouge Cocktail Recipe

#6 Cranberry Vodka Spritzer One of my favorites, simple light and refreshing.

Cranberry Vodka Spritzer Cocktail Recipe

#7 Negroni Aperitif perfect before your romantic dinner for two.

Negroni Aperitif Recipe

#8 Blood Orange Martini sophisticated and beautiful, a cocktail to impress.Blood Orange Martini Recipe

#9 Black Cherry Sling Cocktail  for your bourbon drinker, sure to impress.

Black Cherry Sling Cocktail Recipe

#10 Rum Punch fun, festive and very easy to drink.

Rum Punch Recipe#11 Rum Relaxer Cocktail if your Valentine needs to relax, whip up this cocktail.

Rum Relaxer Cocktail

#12 Kiss on the Lips Cocktail perfect cocktail for two, with a  kiss.

Kiss on the Lips Cocktail Recipe

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1 thought on “Dozen Romantic Valentine’s Day Cocktails”

  1. Amy, what a fantastic collection of libations. The photos, colors and flavor profiles are spot on. May you and your beloved have a splendid Valentine’s Day. Cheers!

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